25 June 2016

Main distinguish of LCD & LED

A, classification and main characteristics of the LCD

Is the full name of liquid crystal display, LCD TFT, UFB, TFD, the STN, several types of LCD screens.

General home computer is commonly used TFT LCD. TFT screen is thin film transistor, a type of active matrix liquid crystal display, special light tube is set in its back, can the initiative to control of individual pixels on the screen, this is also known as the origin of TFT active matrix, so that can improve the response time, about 80 milliseconds, effectively improve the STN (the STN response time of 200 milliseconds) scintillation fuzzy phenomenon, effectively improve the play the ability of dynamic images. Compared with those of the STN TFT has excellent color saturation, reducing power and higher contrast, the sun still see very clear, but the downside is consumed, but also high cost.

Second, the LED and the classification of the main special

The LED is the abbreviation of light emitting diode Light Emitting Diode. Led can be divided into two categories: one is the LED single pipe application, including the back light LED, infrared LED, etc.; The other is LED display.

At present, China and international in the LED base material manufacturing there is a certain gap, but as for the LED display, design and production technology level of basic Chinese and international synchronization. LED display is a display device composed of light emitting diode array. It adopts low voltage scanning drive, has: less consumption, long service life, low cost, high brightness, low malfunction, large Angle of view, the visual distance, etc.

The major difference between three, LCD and LED

LED display compared with LCD, LED in brightness, power consumption, the visual Angle and the refresh rate, etc., are an advantage. LED and LCD power consumption than about 10:1, and higher refresh rate make LED has better performance in video, can provide wide reaches 160 掳 Angle of view, you can display all kinds of characters, Numbers, color images, and animation information, can also be broadcast television, video, VCD, DVD, color video signals, such as multiple image display can be connected to the Internet. And LED display individual elements of the reaction speed is 1000 times that of the LCD screen, under the strong light also can look after not false, and to adapt to the low temperature of 40 degrees below zero. LED technology, can be used to produce are thinner, brighter and clearer than LCD display, has broad application prospects.

Say simply, LCD and LED are two different types of display technology, is composed of liquid crystal displays, LCD and LED is composed of light emitting diode display. LED display compared with LCD, LED in brightness, power consumption, the visual Angle and the refresh rate, etc., are an advantage.

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